Cellular FlavoringTM
Making sustainable foods Delicious by DesignTM

Alcheme Bio allows cultivated food producers and those using precision fermented ingredients the ability to precisely adjust media and feedstock formulations to imbue foods with robust flavors, just like nature does.

Clean Label

Non-GMO label and reduces ‘added ingredients’, which consumers and regulators love.

Cost Efficient

Food grade supplements that optimize your formula for taste. Do it early on in R&D to avoid costly process changes later.

Actually Works

Robust flavors develop in the lab just like they do in traditional agriculture. Change media formulations to maximize flavor per gram!


“If I did this again, I’d be optimizing for taste early on to get the right flavor before scaling.”

- Late Stage Cultivated Meat Producer

“We’re starting from scratch with taste, so a partner who can accelerate us to being first in market is amazing.”

- Early Stage Cultivated Seafood Producer

“Getting feedback loops from real-time optimizations is super valuable… we can optimize products from a flavor and nutrition perspective.”

- Cultivated Fats University Researcher

“I’m always looking for quick iterative ways to get results from the lab.”

- Cultivated Dairy Producer

our work

For cultivated and precision fermented foods to succeed, they must taste great. Alcheme Bio is pioneering Cellular FlavoringTM. We map the connection between media formulations, food composition and flavor, then bioengineer media supplements that catalyze cells to express their own flavor – just like in the wild.

Clean, cost efficient and precise, it’s the future of flavor.

If you’re an early stage cultivated or precision fermentation company, Reach out, we’d love to start a conversation with you.


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